Top 5 Tips for Staying on Track this Holiday Season


It’s about love Don’t obsess about the food, the holiday season though renowned for indulging is really more about spending time with our loved ones, helping others, and being mindful. It’s ideal to continue about your daily routines but don’t sweat it if you can’t stick exactly to your 6am workout schedule.

Drink and be Merry! Water that is. With such a busy time of year, and a few extra cocktails added into the mix, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated. Drink water throughout the day and even better drink 1 cup of water in between each alcholic beverage. This will help your body recover faster, stay energized, and aid in your digestive system. Opt for sparkling water in between cocktails to still feel a little extra festive.

Relax. For those fortunate enough to get a few days off from work to relax, I want you to do exactly that! Enjoy the downtime and don’t stress about indulging or missing a workout. One meal won’t ruin your progress but it will most certainly save your sanity.

Eat your Greens. During a time of carb comas and gravey rivers, don’t forget to load up on your cruciferous and fibrous veg! Veggies and fruits help create more volume in your meals and provide you with the right nutrients needed to stay up late enough to catch Santa in the act.


Count the moments, not the macros. Be present, connect with yourself and your family. Family dinner with loved ones doesn’t have to center around making your carbs fit your daily allotment. You don’t want to regret the dinner or evening by not being able to enjoy your evening because you were so caught up on logging your food onto MFP. I’m super guilty of this at times, and trust me, it’s never worth it. Just relax and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season, engage in fun activities, shop, hang with your loved ones, and be kind to yourself.

Angie Taylor