Haters Gon Hate


Lately I’ve been experiencing some self doubt that has been fueled by several haters and internet trolls. Usually I’m relatively adept at brushing it all off, after years of bullying I have a relatively thick skin — ya know? But lately its been getting underneath that skin and past those walls that I’ve built up around me, and its pretty upsetting to say the least.

I work incredibly hard but the fact is I have a different story than that of the majority of pages on Instagram. I’m not a figure competitor, or a powerlifter, I’m not a Varsity Athlete or a Fitness Model. I’m just me. I’ve lost 80lbs and I have the loose skin to prove it, I’ve had eating disorders and still suffer from pretty severe body dismorphia at times. I’m not super lean and cut, and I honestly have a lot of cellulite. That’s fine. For real.

Maybe I’m not meant to be the face (or body) of an athletic apparel company, or be on stage posing, or the star of a supplements company. That’s also completely okay. I am going to focus on my own personal growth, on my own goals, and my OWN level of fitness. I will continue to promote body positivity and health as a state of mind. I will stand up for those athletes that don’t fit the mold because we all come in different shapes and sizes! I will keep doing me. And haters gon hate no matter what, so ya’ll can do you too.

To be perfectly clear — I’m proud of how far I’ve come and I’m not going to sacrifice my integrity, or succumb to a stereotype, nor an idealized image, in order to appreciate myself. I know what I’m worth and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.


Angie Taylor