How I Beat the Bloat


For the past couple of years, I've struggled with varying degrees of food intolerances. Some of which I was aware of through self diagnosis and trial & error, others I had no idea about. 

Two months ago, I started visiting a naturopath -- which I highly recommend doing. She sent me for some blood work for a food intolerances & sensitivities test. The list that came back was shocking and somehow not surprising at all. 

We discussed the best course of action for my new eating plan and we settled on a modified Paleo approach. Eggs, nuts, and oats aside, my intolerances lined up well with Paleo. I went into my new way of eating -- avoiding the reactive foods that my body was hating -- and voila! BYE BYE BLOAT! Gone were the headaches, the irritable bowls, the discomfort, the swelling, etc. 

A couple weeks ago, I went to a wedding and ate some cake that did not like me, no matter how much I enjoyed it. The results of which reaffirmed just how not worth it eating "bad" foods are. ***Bad foods for my specific body, goals, and needs****. Now, had that been a dairy free, nut free, wheat free cake, you bet your bottom dollar, I'd be all over it again in a heart beat. 

I still eat chocolate, I still eat cookies and brownies, I love food! But I just make sure that they are made with ingredients that my body can tolerate. 

Whatever your "diet", eat, drink, and be happy!

Angie Taylor