Brewing My Own Buch

If anyone follows along in my daily IG, you will see how much I love my kombucha. But I've found it really takes a toll on my wallet. Even the cheapest brands out there are $3.50+ per bottle. On top of the cost, I just love to know exactly what is going into my food and drinks. By brewing your own bucha, you are effectively 100% free of preservatives and additives, as well as the pesky forced carbonation. 


I teamed up with Brew Your Bucha to try my hand at making my own kombucha, and I'll tell you -- I'm never going back to my old ways again. 

Kombucha is so amazing for your digestive health as well, and as someone who has struggled with an ED in my past, gut health is very important to me. Pulling into your belly millions of "good" bacteria, and antioxidsants, kombucha can fire up your meabolism, aid in digestion, and help you absorb more energy from your food. To learn more about at home brewing, click here. 

On a more personal note, I adore kombucha as a hangover cure. The probiotics instantly settle my stomach, and energizes me. My secret weapon for sure. 


Brew Your Bucha provides you with everything you could ever need for your first starter kit. Not only do they provide you with the scoby (mother), but they give you the (2) raw cane sugar, the (2) tea, the brewing jar, the bottling bottles, and the straw, the cloth and rubber band needed as well. No detail missed. 

It was such a painless process. But remember, it takes over a full week from initial brew to consumption -- so plan ahead! 

Click here for Brew Your Bucha's step by step process on how to brew your first batch. 

My favourite blends were ones with higher sugar as this feeds the scoby and makes it even bubblier! 

Flavour combos:
- Honey ginger lime
- Blackberry mint
- Raspberry
- Honeyed Grapefruit

I hope you all try your hand at brewing your own bucha and share your own experience below!

-Angie xo

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