Angie’s Wellness Tonic/Tea


It is that dreary, fall meeting winter, not ready for the cold, “why is this happening????" time of year now. And I’ve been avoiding too much illness so far, thankfully, but we can’t live in a bubbele now can we?

My most recent trip to the Occult Shop's apothecary section was fueled by a stress cold coming on fast! I needed to relax, encourage my immune system, and let nature do it's thing to help lil ole me out -- Mother Nature, you're a bad bitch.

For those that may not know, I take my herbal remedies seriously, and have no less than 3 herb encyclopedias to help guide my little apothecary heart. I highly suggest trying a natural route when it comes to common colds, flus, inflammation, digestive problems, headaches, etc. It's a much gentler solution on your system and it's also much more affordable! I mean, we can't all live the boujee life. 

This is my go to night time cold remedy for a little de-stress and immune boosting love to your body. 

Angie's wellness tonic:

1 tsbp camomile
1 tbsp lavender
1/2 tbsp lemon balm
1 tsp echinacea

Mix ingredients in a bowl, take 1 tsp of mixture and steep in 1 cup boiled water. Let steep for 5 - 7 minutes. Drink tea, relax, go to bed. Repeat until cold is gone + 1 night*.

Per your request, I'll continue to post more recipes for tonics and teas this fall because we all could use a little extra help with the cooler weather rolling in!

-Angie xo

***Do not exceed taking this tonic for 2 weeks.

Angie Taylor