HFS Co., Building a Brand


HFS Co., my most recent, biggest, and most intense passion project to date, looks to have come out of nowhere -- But I'll tell you, it's been almost a year in the making. 

HFS Co. developed from a desire to see more body positivity, inclusiveness, and range, in athleisurewear. I wanted to see styles that were affordable, versatile, fun but still classic. I was tired of feeling schleppy in my workout shirts when I had to run errands, grab lunch with friends, or even wanted a comfier alternative on date night. 

In true Angie fashion, I had a moment where I thought 'Why can't I just make something that works for ME?' And I did. I began drawing up logo concepts, t shirt designs, impactful sayings. I started and stopped, second guessed, third guessed, and finally reverted back to my roots of what I wanted to see, and what so many others expressed desire for as well -- Apparel that works with you, and never against you.

This month I worked hard to launch a brand that I could honestly say, I fully stood behind. A brand that embodies all the values I embrace, and that shares my vision for the living your best life - be healthy, be fit(t), be strong. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Someone recently asked me a question that I honestly never thought that I would have to answer -- silly me! They asked why a diamond on my logo? Living a healthy lifestyle is far from easy, we have all had to endure difficult times, experienced hardships, have even crumbled. But we are built under that pressure, we grow from our downfalls, we come back stronger -- just like a diamond -- and we eventually discover the beautiful truth behind our resolve. We are unbreakable. 

So please, keep sharing the love with the rest of the #HFSSquad , and feel free to check out www.hfsco.ca . Sign up to subscribe and receive a special discount code -- just a way for me to say THANK YOU for the seemingly neverending love and support. Without you all, HFS Co. never would have come to fruition. 

-Angie xo

Angie Taylor