CBD as easy as ABC


As you all know, I am a chronic insomniac and I constantly suffer with stiff joints, sore muscles, and overall pain, that definitely doesn't help the situation. After a rough couple of weeks that only seemed to get worse from an anxiety flare up, I felt at a complete loss at what to do. I had tried everything I could think of and nothing really helped but merely slapped a bandaid on things and offered me a false and hollow sleep that left me feeling even worse the morning after... kind like the morning after you went home with the guy from last call.... just saying. 

When Birch + Fog reached out to me, it truly couldn't of come at a better time. They recommended me trying out their range of CBD products and I jumped at the chance. Living in Canada, and in a pretty liberal area, I had heard amazing things about the benefits of CBD products. I personally don't like the effects of THC so to be able to reap the benefits of green without the negative (for me) feelings, that was a huge win!

A little bit about CBD
CBD -- formally known as Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis. It has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties, reduce anxiety, and aid in sleep quality and length. 

Back to my story --
I tried out a couple of topical products, gummies, and a honey stick pen in grapefruit (psttt -- that's my favourite). Everything was extremely straight forward to use and I personally experienced pain relief, and a better night sleep instantaneously. After several days of taking CBD products before bed, I found a noticeably better night's sleep and lower anxiety levels.


It's very important to keep your anxiety levels in check because cortisol is a powerful hormone that can effect many parts of your life quietly. Cortisol can stunt fat loss, can significantly decrease your serotonin levels (bye bye bliss), and cause your immune system to decrease -- leaving you exposed to potential illness, physical injury, and emotional upset. No big deal. 

Not only did I see noticeable results, but my father who suffers from arthritis and severe bone spurs (bone growths on his heels that cause intense pain during even the mildest of activities) experienced immense relief in his pain and a large amount of reduction in the inflammation of his joints (especially in his hands where his arthritis is the worst).  

I love that CBD is naturally occurring and worked with my body to provide me with gentle results. For anyone curious about trying out CBD products you're welcome to use my code HFS20 to save $20 off your purchase at www.birchandfog.com . 


If you do decide to try it out, don't hesitate to ask the amazing people at Birch + Fog for advice and guidance! They are absolutely amazing! 

Also please share your own experiences with CBD down below in the comments!

-Angie xo


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