Crystal of the Month -- Rose Quartz

As I touched on in my last post on crystals, there are certain crystals that I generally keep tucked away for bedtime. Rose Quartz is my favourite under the pillow crystal that keeps my dreams softer and more soothing.


Rose Quartz is known to be a love crystal but don't let traditional views fool you, it is just as important for self love as it is for partner romance. I'm on a never ending journey to self love and acceptance and it isn't always easy. I find at night, I am especially hard on myself and often let my mind wander to unforgiving thoughts. 

I was recommended Rose Quartz and immediately felt the need to place it under my pillow to keep close in the witching hour so to speak. It's filled with feminine energy and keeps me feeling extremely centered in my heart. 

If you're struggling with compassion, inner peace, tenderness, etc, try giving Rose Quartz a chance. It's a gorgeous stone, so I also highly recommend wearing it as a pendant if you find one. As always, my recommendation for the best stones in the city are the Occult Shop and the Stone Shop in Toronto. 

Any other Rose Quartz lovers out there? Let's chat about your experience with it down below in the comments!

-Angie xo

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