New Year, Same You ... Just Better


New Years Resolutions are the most widely taken on challenge. I strongly believe in setting goals and resolutions, for implementing changes, to make better choices, and to aim for a better YOU. However, there is so much pressure placed on ourselves, by internal and external forces, that we often lose sight of our original intentions that were made in the name of self betterment. Those intentions can warp and manifest themselves into self depricating habits.

These habits can eat at ourselves mentally, we begin berating ourselves for not being good enough, for failing, for falling short on our resolutions. We start to resent our goals, and we make excuses. We no longer want to be better and instead would rather remain the same, often out of a fear of failure.

I know what its like. Every year for 12 years, I made the resolution to lose weight. I made the resolution to finally be “pretty” (in the eyes of my peers, and the societal stereotype of beauty). Each year I failed.

Eventually, I began a journey that was rooted in true health and happiness, somehow my goals were accompished — through a series of hard work, trial and error, and determination. But I succeeded because I remembered throughout that trek that I was doing this to finally be healthy. I wasn’t doing this for a number on the scale.


Please don’t get caught up in the weight, in the money, in the dating games. Whatever your goals were that you set for yourself, remember the pure intentions that you went into it all with, weather it was to save more, be more social, get healthy, put yourself out there more, etc. Be kind to yourself and be proud of yourself each step of the way.

You will get there. I promise. Just keep on keeping on, and remember why you started.


Angie Taylor