Self Love Isn't Always So Lovely

I get asked so frequently about how to love oneself, how to be confident in one’s skin. It’s not an easy answer, though I try my best to just answer truthfully.


My appreciation for my body stemmed from fitness, which is controversial since I was looking to change the way I looked at the time — though mainly it was to get healthy.

So as my worth developed in the gym, it transcended that boundary and began to show up in other areas of my life. I became more confident, I began to carry myself with my head held higher, I began to appreciate my strengths — both internally and externally.

I started paying myself compliments in my head after a killer lift because I was so damn proud of my accomplishments. Then, I’d start complimenting my reflection in the mirror at home too, then I’d snap a selfie and actually like it. Everyone close to me will here me (half-jokingly) declare my prettiness when I’m feeling myself that day. And I wish more people would.

When you look good, you feel good — right? Right. Well when you feel good, you look good. Your vibe glows out there and people pick up on your confidence and comfortability in your own skin. It’s a remarkable thing.

I never would have thought I’d be baring it all on the web, or showing off my cellulite, stretch marks, rolls, scars, blemishes, and more to you all online. But if you got it, own it. I began to truly believe in those little compliments I was paying myself and it blossomed into a much healthier relationship with my body, mind, and spirit.


It’s not easy though — I still have bad days, I still have times where I tear myself apart and break down. But I have to pick myself up out of that sadness and remind myself that I’m a Boss B*tch, and that I can handle anything life throws at me.

Self Love isn’t always so lovely as it may seem on the gram, but it’s completely and utterly worth it. Guaranteed.


Angie Taylor