The Commuter Life Has It's Benefits ...


As a typical Torontonian, I ride the rocket and take the subway daily. Although I am a huge advocate of walking, sometimes we have to trek a little farther and the subway is the way to go. We often get spoiled with the convenience of cars, ubers, taxis, that for little more than a latte, will get us to and fro.

But the problem with that is we become isolated and spoiled with convenience and it leads to separation and sheltering from the outside world. We don’t have to go buy groceries, they can be delivered for a small fee, our take out is brought to our apartment door for little more than the appetizer you bought. It’s crucial to get out there though. We miss out on so much because of CONVENIENCE.

Riding the subway isn’t the most fun when you’re an experienced commuter but when you get out, you see so much of that beautiful world out there! You get more exercise, absolutely , but to be exposed to other people, and yes also germs, is a really valuable thing.


When we are exposed to more bacteria and germs, our body produces more antibodies to protect against that. This creates a stronger immune system and can help us fight off colds, flus, and other viral infections that we are exposed to in the workplace, school, gyms, grocery stores, etc.

Maybe the subway isn’t that bad after all …


Angie Taylor