When One Door Closes ....

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned throughout my journey, it’s that a closed door does not mean failure.

I used to look at myself as being stuck, broken, worthless, if I “missed an opportunity”. If I failed a test, didn’t get the interview callback, or if a date blew me off. Over time, I began to realize that those shortcomings happened for a reason. They taught me a lesson. They pushed me in a new direction. And each time, I grew stronger, I became wiser, I was more ready for when the next opportunity came along.


Now whether you are a “everything happens for a reason” type person (like I most certainly am), or if you stand firm that fate doesn’t exist — the point is that we are an accumulation of choices, falters, mistakes, and accomplishments. Every time we move forward, it sets us up for the next step. So as we progress and learn, we are now prepared for what is to come. Good things come to those that work their asses off and are driven for self betterment.

I went to the University of Toronto, and it was no easy task. I messed up. I almost flunked out at one point. But I recognized my errors, I grew from them, and I graduated with a BA honours from the top school in Canada. I never thought I would get through it all but I did. Just like I never thought I could recover from my eating disorder, I never thought I would be happy with myself and find success. But I did.

As long as we keep moving forward, we will never truly fail. And I really want you all to remember that one. The only failure comes from giving up. So think of this one, when a door closes, it is because it wasn’t meant to be — or perhaps just not in that moment. It doesn’t mean that you have lost that opportunity, that things are hopeless, or that you are unsuccessful. It simply shows us that there is a different path that is awaiting us then in those moments.


Angie Taylor