Date Ideas in Toronto on a Budget

This season, I've had such a blast with my man exploring Toronto and seeing new things, trying fun spots, etc. Though being two young professionals, we both still like to keep a budget respectively and stay on track with that. 


 We've managed to have a different date each time, and our favourite ones are the ones that were practically zero dollars spent! 

 After a few IG stories / posts of being out doing fun things, I started getting asked recommendations and I thought I would compile my top budget friendly date ideas (friend dates included) into one easy blog post. 

1. High park  


This year, we went to High Park to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, it was so gorgeous. Fortunately for you all, even though the blooms have fallen, tulips are now in bloom and the zoo portion is open too! I highly recommend packing snacks and grabbing an iced coffee on the way over to the park — ditch the coffee for a homemade iced matcha for added savings!


2. The Lakeshore - Budapest Park or Woodbine Beach

Both of these sections of the lakeshore are geared more towards local residents and are much less touristy which means a little less busy (huzzah!) Budapest Park is complete with a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool, rock pathed gardens, and muskoka chairs sporadically throughout the lakeshore.

My man and I went for a reasonably priced brunch before hand and brought along a little sangria to go along with our leisurely stroll. Perfect Saturday afternoon vibes!

3. Allan Gardens

In need of a little tropics in the city? Allan gardens is open year round and is a FREE, stunning,  getaway in within the city. Babe and I walked over and grabbed a matcha each at O.M.G. Baked Goods and Shop (it’s our thing), then wandered through the gardens.

What a cute little escape, and straight up instagram goals. We managed to snap some great pics and laughed so much that afternoon … what a day.

4. Trinity Bellewoods


Another go-to for the cherry blossoms, trinity Bellewoods is one of the most beloved parks in Toronto. This spot is ideal for a picnic, some soccer or baseball in the park, and a catnap in the sun.

Any chance I get, I cut through the park instead of walking through the concrete jungle and getting some fresher air and a little cheery pick me up.

5. AGO


Free on Wednesday afternoons, I love wandering through the Art Gallery of Ontario when I’m looking to reflect, connect, and get a little peace. Perfect for a casual 2nd date or a comfy walk with friends — you can never go wrong with a modern museum on a rainy afternoon.

6. ROM

The Royal Ontario Museum, free for students on Tuesdays, who doesn’t love a little dino spotting (especially with all this raptor excitement right now!).

If budget isn’t too important, the ROM also offers Friday Night Live, a party at the ROM on Fridays of the summer. DJs, Food, Cocktails, Live Music, Dancing, now that’s a party.

7. Make Your Own Wine

I stumbled across an IG ad that was almost too good to be true $14 for 14 bottles at Wine Butler. But, it was true — We’re obsessed. The 1st time customer offer walks you through making your own wine and is so quick and easy! The great part is that you get to bottle with your friends, family, or partners. If you’d like to buy clean bottles to reuse forever, each bottle is $1.10 per, so pretty much for less than $38, you get 14 bottles of wine.

This means, copious amounts of wine for those date nights in!

8. Check Out A Brewery

Free Samples you say?? Steam Whistle Brewery offers free samples at the downtown brewery. This means you can literally drink for free on an afternoon, and experience free tours. A little history lesson, fun atmosphere, and great company — perfect for groups or one-on-one get togethers!

9. Toronto Island


An island getaway is only a $10 ferry away … when you’re heading to the Toronto Island. This is a full day date, also ideal for doubles, that can be as jam packed as you’d like. With beaches, piers, and so many trails, you’ll be sure to have a relaxing day away.

Pack a lunch to keep the price down, bring your swim suits, and don’t forget the sunscreen at this destination.

10. Blue Jays Game


 Let’s be real, you go for the experience and not the game …. or is it just me? $17 tickets in the nosebleeds, and new $5 beers, its a little pricier than  a budget date but still can ring in under $50 for the both of you to have a fun afternoon or evening out! Now you can also bring your own food into the stadium — gotta save on the extras $$$

Stop by Steam Whistle before hand for a little free predrink too and save even more on the $5 beers at the stadium.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through these budget friendly suggestions, don’t forget to share your own ideas and if you’ve tried out anything in the above list!

-Angie xo

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