Reach Out

Reaching out is a difficult thing for me, in many aspects. I struggle with admitting I can’t carry something on my own, both physically and metaphorically. I was not one to call or text first to see a person of interest. I struggle to break the silence first, and I get moody when someone tells me I’ve put too much on my plate.


I have a huge sense of pride and it pains me to actually lean on other people or to ask for support from them. It’s not my best character trait, that’s for sure.

But I’ve learned that I can lean on my mate when I’m vulnerable, and yes he will be there for me and support me in any way that he can. I’ve discovered that it’s okay to say I need some help in the moment. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of to admit that you cannot always do it all.

Reaching out for help saved my life, more than once. Reaching out bridged relationships, and gave others the self assurance in it that they needed. Reaching out has increased my business and my network. It’s given me a new perspective on success and on independence.

Self development is often perceived as either physical or career/education. But there is so much in between that actually can be nurtured and fostered. For me being more vulnerable is scary, one might say terrifying, but it’s necessary to growth and redefining my own boundaries in my life.

Reach out to a trusted ally when you need it, you may be surprised by the positive outcome.

-Angie xo

Angie Taylor