Kingsville On Tap

Welcome to Kingsville, the town sign read as we meandered along the quiet road and turned onto a surprisingly bustling Main Street. Locals smiled as we perused the shops, hand in hand, taking in the fun and unique store fronts and the friendly atmosphere around us.

The trip from Barrie was much smoother than anticipated and my biggest recommendation is to bite the bullet and leave a little earlier than you’d like, I have always left prior to 6am for a trip of this distance to help avoid the traffic on the highways (400 series are no joke when it comes to commuter traffic). You may be a little tired come mid afternoon but that’s nothing a nap can’t fix, and you’ll have time for that nap since you’ve made it to your destination in a flash.


But we digress …

Banded Goose

We went searching for a cup of coffee and a light snack and immediately found the Banded Goose Brewery & their cafe — Bean15 Coffee Lounge! Coffee and pastries are plentiful here and the service impeccable. While we sipped and chatted, we were pulled into easy conversation with Andrea, and Trevor, the owner. Since we were staying at Inn 15, which actually quite conveniently was located above the Banded Goose, the staff helped walk us through the ins and outs of the check in / out process, and let us know that although they were a smaller inn, there was always someone available in case we needed something.


As we relaxed into our cozy chairs and admired the rustic and retro interior filled with stunning wooden accents and fun & funky art work, signs, and a old school locker bay, we were invited to view the brewing process since they were in fact brewing a fresh batch of their blueberry lager, and their ginger beer beer. Everything is so specially crafted here, and Pat and I were in heaven as they broke down the brewing process for us. I was so incredibly impressed at the fact that the staff took the time to hand cut and grind down 28 lbs of ginger for their beer that day. That is some serious care put into their products.


After a beer flight we made our way up to our room in the inn, and were blown away at the room itself. Handmade sock monkeys nestled amongst the throw pillows, chocolate truffles, handmade beer soaps and the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in was honestly just the tip of the iceberg. The details that goes into each room at Inn15 was quite impactful and the design was so well thought out for functionality, practicality, and luxury. A difficult blend to balance but one that was beautifully executed here.


Pat and I are craft beer lovers and after checking in, we couldn’t help but make our way back down to the banded goose for a second flight. Pretzel charcuterie board paired perfectly with some of their darker ales and bold milkshake IPAs. A large rotating tap left us wanting to try it all, and for only $2.75 per 7oz’s, you can easily do just that.


Surprisingly enough, for two (okay, really just one and a tag along) die hard beer fans, we were remiss in our knowledge (or lack thereof) of Kingsville brewhouses. But don’t worry, that didn’t last long!

Kingsville Brewery

We were welcomed to check out Kingsville Brewery while we were in town as well and were blown away at their new restaurant and brewhouse location opening this Fall 2019 right on the main street of Kingsville. The owner Mark Muzzin was so passionate and we had a chance to sample some beers as we explored their processes as well! I’ll tell you, it’s so captivating when you get to learn from people that are beyond in love with their work.


We couldn’t get enough of their beer (I may or may not have fallen in love with their czec style lager). Everything about this brewery was so beautifully intricate and throughtful, from the reference on the can to the historic courier de bois, to the carefully crafted tasting notes, not a single detail goes unnoticed here. While we were touring about the facilities, I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was about this beer that I was drawn to, and it finally hit me a couple days later as Pat and I relaxed in a hammock on Pelee Island for a lazy afternoon siesta — It tasted like home. It was nostalgic of laughter between friends and stories shared over drinks. It’s rare to find a brand that makes you feel that way, like you were home away from home, but Kingsville Brewery did exactly that.

The great part is that Kingsville Brewery Beer is actually already currently available in the LCBO, and I highly recommend you grabbing a few cans and experiencing a little taste of southern Ontario.

The Grove

For those looking for a full day of brew touring, I also highly recommend checking out the Grove, this brew pub is a super popular destination that is also right next door to an inn. Small batch brewing, and food that comes highly recommended, this is a great finisher for a full day of relaxation and memories made.

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Angie Taylor