Lavender Fields Forever


Let me take you down, cause I’m going to …. Lavender Fields.

This summer has been packed with fun adventures, new places, welcoming hosts, and incredible travel buddies. I purposely set out to try lots of new things, visit the places that had been left waiting idly on a list in my notebook of where I’d like to go one day. On the top of that list was to visit Terre Bleu Lavender Farm in Milton, ON.

The thing was that I really only wanted to go for the photo op, and it was a long way to drive (whether it was from Toronto or Barrie) just for some photos ….


Well this past week, Pat had a few days off and I had a clear schedule for once as well. It seemed perfect timing! I packed us up a picnic lunch and lots of snacks, and we headed out of an adventure. Also, major boyfriend points to Pat who went with me to a Lavender farm with the original intention of just taking photos of his girlfriend for her social media.

The minute we pulled into the farm though, that intention was lost and we were instead greeted by the most welcoming employees and the most beautiful sights. The scent of the gorgeous french lavender hit you immediately and it was so quiet and calm in the fields and along the trails. We wandered for a while and of course, I snapped my pics. For those wondering — the staff are completely okay with you taking amateur photos, this means as long as you don’t have any props, flash attachments, and lighting set up, you’re good to go. Even with my NIKON, there was no issues with me taking my photos, and they even gave tips and suggestions on where on the farm there were other great spots for pictures.


Before we ventured much further though, we of course needed to have a little break — all that hard work taking photos called for some ice cream. The farm offers a lavender lemonade and/or a lavender ice cream cone that is two scoops of pure bliss. Made with dairy from a local farm, and the lavender grown on site, it is creamy and sweet with the best lavender flavour I’ve ever had in a dessert before.

Armed with some fuel, we set off in search of the famous yellow door, and encountered Ian, the owner, along the way. He introduced himself and stopped to chat, taking a few minutes with most of the patrons he encounters, it was so heartfelt and we were made to feel so welcome. You’ve heard me say this before but it truly is in all the details when it comes to customer service.

Everywhere we looked, the greenery, brush, and flowers, were so amazingly well-maintained. There were lots of maps and staff who were happy to help and they even tipped us off on the ruins where we could go sit and have lunch (and another great spot for photos).


The Ruins are a great spot for events, but were also intimate enough for us to have a quiet lunch and relax before we headed out back home. We definitely forgot to circle back to the gift shop on our way out but it’s just another excuse to go back to the farm next summer! Unfortunately, Terre Bleu’s fields are officially closed for the season but the store is still open on the farm! The fields will open back up in June with plenty of time for you to plan your own little day trip.


One last recommendation — we drove through back roads to get back home and avoided all the highway traffic and enjoyed a gorgeous, romantic, and scenic view along the way. If that’s an option for you, I highly suggest you do it!

Thank you to Ian, and the rest of the staff at Terre Bleu for turning a content creation session into a wonderful day trip and getaway for us, it’s a day we won’t be forgetting.

-Angie xo

Angie Taylor