Goal Setting Guides

Written goals are an integral part of success. By writing down your goals, telling a friend, confiding in a coach, you are more likely to stick to your habits, and achieve your goals. I thought I would share some tips on how to go about goal setting and achieving!

1. Identify your goal and give it a name - this will create a positive emotional connection with it.
2. Carve out how your going to achieve it, when you want it, and why it's important to you
3. Goals within goals - breaking your big goal into smaller ones make it feel more attainable and will provide a sense of accomplishment as you reach each smaller stage. 
4. Weekly goals -- look slightly more big picture and plan out your overall weekly milestones (i.e. how many workouts you plan on, how many nights you go to bed early or don't drink etc)
5. Outcomes and Rewards - how did you do with your goals? How do you plan on rewarding yourself? I try to choose something to inspire me towards newer goals like a spa day, a day trip, a new outfit, etc. 

Print these easy to fill out goal setting cards to help keep you on track with your own goals.

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Angie Taylor