Nutrition Consultation

Nutrition Consultation

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This one-on-one nutrition consultation focuses on the clients main concerns, health goals, intolerances and restrictions. Together, we will discover the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Taking a holistic approach to nutrition, the consultation will also assess emotional and mental aspects and how they relate to the food and other natural supports that you are consuming.

Throughout the hour long consultation, we will work through your health history and habits to aid in the next steps to improving your health, inside and out.

Each protocol will be 4 weeks in length and will include:

-       Foods to add and avoid

-       Lifestyle choices to improve health

-       Natural support tools to assist in addressing deficiencies

- Emotional support tools to assist in a healthy mind, body, connection

-       Friendly Fuel e-book

Every protocol set are tailored to each individual’s needs. Throughout the 4-week plan, every client will have access to Angie for questions, concerns, and updates via email. One-on-one nutrition consultations can be done via phone, skype (online) or in person.

Please inquire via email if you would like to purchase any additional add-ons.

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